We provide guidance in our client’s quest to find the right Retirement Community, Assisted Living Community, Nursing Home, Memory Support, or Hospital, whatever would be the best match for our client. We are here to undertake or help in all aspects of the research, whether comparing fee structures, buy-in versus rental options, incorporating Long Term Care Insurance or simply arranging or accompanying clients on tours of selected communities, or both.

We know what to observe during community tours and can guide clients while advocating their needs and wishes. In our research we also assist in reviewing State Surveys to determine the state-inspected levels of care and environment afforded by the communities and facilities under consideration.

At your option we can be involved from the very beginning of your search through signing of a contract and associated agreements and thereafter with homemaker and companion services. We also offer a brief consultation to provide you with a better overview of the industry, perhaps just to narrow down options to a more manageable level, allowing you to do other research and make a better decision on your own.

Some of the questions that will arise when considering a move to a new community:

  • Does the community allow me to grow spiritually, intellectually and physically?
  • Is the cost affordable, within my budget both now and in the long term?
  • Which is better for me, Buy-in or Rental?
  • How does my Long Term Care insurance apply?
  • What are Levels of Care; when and how can I choose the right one?
  • Should I stay at home with some assistance or move to a Retirement Community, or both?

Our goal is to put big smiles on our clients’ faces by finding the best accommodations possible for them while giving them and their families peace of mind. Contact us today for your free discovery visit!